General Info

  • Traffic is mostly North American and Westen European
  • Most 3rd world traffic is filtered! You will get high quality visitors!
  • Only advertise porn sites, meaning your site has to have porn content, which includes NUDE models, and hardcore sex. Hardcore will get you much more traffic.

Content Plugs

  • $60/each ($1700 for 30).
  • 1-2 days on homepage, permanently archived.
  • Send 5,000-25,000 visitors in the first 2 days (but I dont guarantee anything, its all in your hands)
  • Very title and image dependant. Good title/image = more clicks! Hardcore = more clicks!

120×120 Cube

  • $1000/month.
  • Left navigation bar
  • 2000-6000 clicks per day (very banner dependent).

237×90 banner

  • $1000/month.
  • To the right of the 728×90 leaderboard, at the top.
  • 2000-6000 clicks per day (very banner dependent).