Afternoon Delight

His attention was interrupted. The volume on the hotel
room television had suddenly blared to life. On the screen the
diminutive form of the former Olympic star appeared. Another
feminine products advertisement. ‘Not if she was mine’ he
thought, reaching out and turning off the noise.

Easing back into the chair he let his mind wander back
to the thoughts that had been broken. The wind rattled a branch
against the window as a storm raged outside.

A visitor would have thought nothing of the scene. An
ordinary looking businessman in a faceless hotel room. A few
papers spread across the desktop, and a small overnight case
against the wall. A look at his facial expressions would lead
one to think he was just a bored man, waiting for a business
appointment who was running late. A peek inside his mind,
however, would have shown a completely different story.

He stood, and walked over to the oversized bed. Pulling
a pillow out from beneath the cheap hotel bedspread he lay back,
clasping his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes.

He heard the sound of a key in the lock, but did not
take his eyes off the ceiling. Out of the corner of his eye, he
saw her enter the room, close the door, and lock it behind her.
Then she stood quietly.

For minutes they stayed this way. Neither moving, the
only sound being her increasingly deep breathing. Finally, he
lowered his gaze, taking in the picture of the woman who had
come to serve him.

She was not a tall woman. Dressed in a camel overcoat to
protect her from the weather there was little to be seen. Her
hair was a mixture of light highlights, and deep dusky brown
closer to her head. Tiny gold hoops hung from her ears. He could
see her lips were firmly set, devoid of emotion or interest. Her
eyes were firmly set to the wall above his head, motionless.

Finally, he broke the silence with a single word.
‘Disrobe’, he said with a voice that was not a request, but a

He watched as she looked about her. Standing in the
doorway there was nothing close to her to place her clothes on.
He knew she could feel his eyes boring into her now. She knew
she must obey.

Slowly, she unbuttoned the expensive overcoat and opened
it. Sliding it off her shoulders she let it fall to the floor.
She wore a dark blue silk blouse, with a brightly colored scarf
at her neck. A grey wool skirt fell just above her knees.
Brightly polished leather boots extended from her small feet up
under her skirt.

Her hands went to her neck, and untied the scarf. As she
pulled it away, and dropped it to the floor baring her neck.
Around it he could see the thin black satin collar she wore. At
the base of her throat, attached to the collar, was an ivory
cameo. To the casual observer this was a nice, Victorian, touch.
On closer examination this carving was a couple intertwined in
the passions of lovemaking.

Carefully, she unbuttoned her blouse, allowing it to
fall open as she moved down the long row of tiny buttons. As she
reached the bottom, and shrugged the blouse to the floor he
could see the glimmer from the tiny gold ring in each nipple. As
he watched, her nipples became completely erect. He could see
the motion of the rings with each move she made.

Her hands went to the side or her skirt, and she bent
slightly as she lowered the fastener. Standing erect she allowed
her skirt to join the rest of her wardrobe on the floor.

As she stood there, silent, he examined her body. A
slim, healthy, attractive woman, but he could see the sinew and
muscle under the soft flesh. This was a woman ready to satisfy
her master’s every wish.

He lowered his gaze, down across her small, but firm
breasts, across her soft, yet not quite perfect, stomach.
Following the line of her body his eyes rested upon her bare
mons. Looking carefully, he could see she had prepared herself
well. Not a trace of hair remained.

Continuing, he followed her well sculpted legs until
they entered the tall leather boots. ‘She will do’ was his only

He turned his attention away from her, leaving her
standing amidst her clothing. Picking up the remote, he switched
the television back on, and tuned in a cable news program.

‘Topping todays newscast’, droned the newscaster,’heavy
rains have caused minor flooding problems in the nations
Capitol. And on the sports scene…’. His attention wandering,
he took in the contents of the room again. She still stood
there, quietly.

He fixed his stare on her, ‘Shower’, he commanded.

For the first time since she had finished undressing she
moved. Quickly, as if fearing to anger him, she retreated to the
bathroom. As he paid light attention to the latest basketball
scores he could hear the water running strongly from the other

After a few minutes it stopped. She reentered the
bedroom, a towel in one hand. She returned to in front of the
door, standing in the pile of her clothing. She stood, arms at
her side, legs spread slightly, waiting.

He rose from the bed and walked over to her. Walking
around her slowly he examined her. As he stood behind her, he
placed his hands on her shoulders. He could feel her shudder at
his touch, telling him that she was already feverish with
anticipation. With a frustrating slowness he moved his hands
lightly down her back, outlining her spine with one finger of
each hand. As he reached her buttocks, he rotated his hands, so
his thumbs slide down the crease and his fingers spread her
cheeks wide.

He dropped to his knees and with the lightest of touches
tasted inside her thighs. Allowing his trail of moisture to
move upwards he began to meet her moistness. Her taste was sweet
and warm on his lips. He could feel the tension in her body from
his touches, so he withdrew.

Standing directly in front of her, his back to the bed,
he uttered ‘undress me’. For the first time she spoke. Her eyes
lowered to the floor as she answered ‘Yes, Master.’

This was not their first time together, and she knew
exactly what to do. She reached up, keeping her eyes cast
downward, She loosened the tie around his neck. Removing it, she
carefully folded it and placed it neatly on the dresser.
Delicately, she unbuttoned the cuffs of his shirt and removed
his watch. This she placed next to the tie. She returned and
demurely unfastened the buttons down the front of his shirt.
Walking behind him, she removed it from his shoulders. This she
took across the room, and carefully arranged on a hanger in the

When she returned, she knelt in front of him. Placing
her arms behind her back she leaned forward and grasped the
leather of his belt between her teeth. Cleverly, she pulled the
strap free, and uncoupled it from the tooth in the buckle. She
then brought her arms out and, reaching down, removed his shoes.
The shoes went to the front of the closet, neatly arranged. Next
she removed each sock, one at a time. After each, she
straightened and, neatly folding it, placed it across the back
of each shoe.

At last he stood, only in his pants. She knelt, again, in front
of him and carefully undid the clasp at the waist. The slowly
lowering the zipper she lowered the fabric. Using one hand to
make sure none of it touched the floor she eased each legs down
over his foot and off. Finally, she hung these, with care, in
the closet and returned.

While she had been hanging the pants up, dressed only in
a bright green bikini brief, he had returned to the bedside
chair. Sitting back he watched her as she returned.

Reaching down he opened the small overnight case near
him. From it, he took a very light silver chain, and a set of
handcuffs.. With an almost invisible motion of his hand she came
forward and prostrated herself at his feet. He reached down and
attached one end of the chain to a small loop at the back of her
collar. She intuitively placed her arms behind her back and he

firmly closed the cuffs over them. He checked the coupling of
the chain at her neck. Taking the other end in one hand, he
reached down and took hold of her chin. Lifting her face to look
at him, he spoke.

‘Who am I?’ he questioned.

‘You are my Master’, she answered.

‘And what do you exist for?’

‘To serve your needs as your sex slave’, she replied. At
these words, her eyes dropped and fell to the carpet at his

Tugging lightly at the chain, he pulled her head forward
into his lap. She raised her eyes once again, and a look of
happiness crossed her face.

‘May I give you pleasure Master?’ she whispered.

A simple small nod of the head was all she got in
return. He then turned his attention away from her, and back to
the television.

He was sitting on the edge of the chair and her face
hovered inches above his crotch. She knew what he expected, and
was boiling inside with anticipation. Gently, she lowered her
head and began running her lips across the soft green fabric.
She could feel the outline of his manhood begin to stir at her

His legs parted further, and she dug her lips down one
side of the cloth. Finding the edge, she grasped it in her teeth
and lifted it across to the other side. This exposed him
completely to her. His semi-hard cock hung heavily over the edge
of the chair, and she could see this heavy balls hanging below.

Lowering her shoulders she put her mouth into position
just below the head of his cock. She could see small jerks of
movement in it, an unacknowledged excitement on his part for
what was ahead. Opening her mouth, and lowering her tongue, she
allowed the partially erect member to enter her mouth. Moving
slowly, she pressed on until the entire organ was resting on her
tongue, and deep into her mouth. Then she closed her mouth over
it, bathing it in warmth and sensation.

Instantly, she could feel the response. Blood flowed
rapidly into the muscle, engorging it and dramatically
increasing its size. Yet through this she struggled to hold him
deep inside her mouth.

Quickly, it reached full erectness. gostosas She could feel the
pulse of his body through the vessels in her mouth. The thick
head pressed hard against the roof of her mouth in the rear.
Ever so slowly she began to move her tongue. First just slightly
back and forth across the sensitive underside. Then, becoming
more aroused herself, along the sides, and as far back as she
could reach. Holding a strong suction she began to move her head
in time with her tongue. Bathing him in her moisture she began a
slow, but sure, rhythm.

She continued this way in silence. The only response she
noted has the deepening of this breath, and the increasingly
strong throbs through his cock. She began to feel his body tense
around her. His legs began to press in against her shoulders and
she could feel his buttocks tense up under him. She renewed her
efforts, thinking only of the satisfaction she was giving him.

As she felt a series of powerful pulsations in the cock
buried in her throat she knew she was succeeding in pleasing
him. With a tremendous intake of breathe, she sucked even harder
and buried him to the hilt inside her mouth.

‘No! Stop!’ she heard him cry out.

Too late she realized he had wanted to wait. As she
began to try to pull away she felt one last throb, and felt the
powerful gushes of his orgasm fill her mouth. Even as she
struggled to swallow the rapidly discharging fluid, she knew she
had erred.

She cringed at his feet as he stood from the chair.

‘Stupid slut! Didn’t I teach you better than that?’

She knew there could be no answer. She had failed in
serving him, and knew she must be disciplined.

He moved to the edge of the bed, and sat there, his cock
still at full erection. Using his chain, he pulled her to stand
beside him. Then with one hand on her back, and the other
pulling the chain, he pulled her down across his knee.

‘You have been a bad girl.’ he said. ‘You have forgotten
who decides what happens here. This should help you remember.’

She lay across his lap, her naked buttocks in the air,
feet spread slightly. Her head was down near the floor on the
other side of him, held low by his grasp on her leash.

She felt, rather than heard, his hand raise into the air
and come crashing down on her bare behind.


The sound echoed off the walls of the small quiet room.
important source She felt the heat immediately converge on the spot his hand had
struck. Mixed with the pain she felt was a sharp twinge of
pleasure from her groin.


‘Will you ever learn?’ she heard him say. ‘Answer me!’

‘Yes Master’, she whimpered ‘I will be much better now,
a perfect slave to your will’. Even as she spoke these words,
the thought of serving him generated even more fury in her
tortured crotch. She knew he could feel the fluids dripping from
her, and hoped he wouldn’t anger.

He pulled her to her feet and, digging in his overnight
bag for the key, released the handcuffs. She stood quietly,
wishing she could move to ease the tight muscles in her arms.

Pointing to the bed he quietly told her ‘Lie down on
your back’. When she had, he reached back into the bag and
withdrew an assortment of ropes. Working silently, he took four
long lengths and ran them under the bed. Two running top to
bottom at the outside edges, and two running across the bottom
at the head and foot.

He then took several shorter pieces and began to attach
her to his web. Each arm in turn, and then each leg. When he
finished she was firmly pinned to the bed. pulling on any arm
would drag the other off the side of the bed. Each leg reacted
the same. She lay spread-eagled to his gaze.

Two fine gold chains appeared in his hand. With one hand
he pulled her head up off the bed slightly. With the other, he
attached one end of each to her nipple rings. The other end
attached to an earring. Then he released her head, knowing that
she could not lower it to the bed without causing herself pain.

He looked down on her and could see threads of cum on
her neck. With a finger he scooped these up and placed them on
her tongue. She carefully cleaned his finger with her tongue
after she had swallowed these missed traces.

Reaching into his bag again, he pulled out two items.
The first was a lacey white set of panties. These had snaps at
the sides of a long band of material, and at the crotch. From
the crotch came two other strips, and there was no covering for
the buttocks. Working roughly, he slid this under her and
fastened the side panels, leaving the crotch open and her tight
ass uncovered. The second was a large human shaped vibrator.
Taking a large glop of KY, he covered it from the base to the
tip. Then, turning it on low speed, he placed it at the opening
to her quivering pussy. At the touch she gritted her teeth.
After a few seconds of teasing, he pressed it deeply inside her.
She could feel the vibrator fill her aching cavity. He reached
down and snapped the crotch to the leg straps. This preventing
even her well trained internal muscles from removing it. She
could feel the vibrations strongly where the tip of the vibrator
pressed firmly against her cervix.

He stood up, and began to dress. ‘I’ll be back in a
little while’, he said. ‘I’m going down to the lobby for a
moment. I will be listening at the door when I return, so don’t
make a sound’.

How long stayed away, she couldn’t tell. The pleasure
coming from her pussy in lightning like shocks overwhelmed her
senses. Each time she felt she was going to give in to the
feelings her head would arch back. The pain from her nipples
would bring her quickly back from the edge. important link Over, and over she
went through this cycle. She could feel a flood of moisture
between her thighs.

At last, she heard the key in the lock. He entered and
looked at the agony in her eyes. With deliberate slowness he
undressed himself. This time completely. He reached down and
released the ropes at her wrists and legs.

‘On your knees’, he commanded.

She carefully rolled over, making sure to keep her head
low and the nipple chains loose. Kneeling up she felt him
standing behind her. She could feel the rasp of the ropes as he
tied a loop around each knee, and brought it forward to her
wrist. He pulled them taught, so her wrists were touching her
knees. With her head against the mattress, ass was wide open
high in the air behind her.

As she shifted, she felt the vibrator press even deeper
inside her. The low buzz captured her mind completely at last,
allowing her only knowledge of it and nothing else. She no
longer knew he, the room, or reality existed.

The motion of the bed shifting brought her back. She
could feel him kneeling behind her. Then she felt a warm, hard,
slippery pressure at the opening to her anus. She caught her
breath as she felt him begin to enter her. As her sphincter
closed over his thick head she felt the shudders of orgasm
trying to overcome her. With every effort of willpower she had,
she fought it back.

He settled into a slow, fulfilling rhythm, pressing deep
inside her, then withdrawing to leave only the head trapped. She
could feel his hands running across her back and caressing her
smooth buttocks.

He began to press deeper and harder, and she could hear
his breath coming more quickly. She began to allow the feelings
to overtake her mind again. When she could feel he was about to
come she let her mind go, and lost herself in the passions of

As she was releasing herself she felt one hand move from
her back to her crotch. As the first explosions began to wrench
her mind she felt the vibrator begin to buzz at high speed. At
the same instant she felt his hand come down one her ass in a
sharp spank. The effect was instantaneous. What had been
explosions, became deflagrations. Her mind shattered in ecstasy
as she felt him swell and fill her ass with his hot cum. She
felt, but ignored, the pain in her nipples as she arched in
uncontrollable feeling. Finally, completely drained, she knelt
limp as he pulled out of her.

She quivered at his touch as he released her bonds. As
he lay back on the bed she knew what to do. Standing on barely
stable legs she walked into the bathroom and returned with a
warm washcloth. Carefully, she bathed his cock and balls with
it. When satisfied he was clean and resting, she stood and took
her place by the door.

With a wave of his hand, he closed his eyes and rested.
At that signal she dressed, and left. She knew she would return
again … and again. She loved her husband.

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